Students to Protest Columbus Day

by Stephen Beale on October 12, 2009

The Associated Press reports on a planned protest of the decision to cancel Columbus Day at Brown University:

Brown Students Protest Renaming of Columbus Day

By Associated Press
Monday, October 12, 2009

PROVIDENCE, R.I. — A decision to strip Columbus Day from the Brown University calendar because of the explorer’s violence against Native Americans sparks a protest at the Ivy League school.

A group of student Republicans are planning a protest Friday afternoon to object to the university’s decision to rename the holiday “Fall Weekend.”

Keith Dellagrotta, a Brown senior who leads the school’s College Republicans club, described the decision as political correctness gone too far. He said Columbus should be celebrated for bringing the European political tradition to the New World, which led to the foundation of the United States.

Hundreds of Brown students asked the Providence school to stop observing Columbus Day because of atrocities committed against American Indians.

This story is being picked up by media. For the Channel 12 report click here. The above article does not mention it, but in addition to the College Republicans, students from the Brown Spectator, which the Foundation for Intellectual Diversity funds, also are involved in organizing the rally. The event, which is scheduled for noon to 2 p.m. today on the Main Green, is being organized by local talk radio host John DePetro. Check back here later for updates.

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