Rethinking ROTC

by Stephen Beale on December 3, 2009

This recent Brown Daily Herald Post- article re-examines the relationship between Brown and ROTC, which was kicked off campus amid all the anti-war fever of the Vietnam era. The author cuts to the heart of the issue: fundamentally, it isn’t about being pro-military or anti-war. It’s about giving students an opportunity to serve and learn. The Post- article seems to have generated some momentum to bring ROTC back to campus. In advance of its publication, The Herald polled students on the issue and found that 41 percent of students favored reinstating ROTC, compared with 25 percent who opposed it. The Herald followed up with an editorial endorsing the move, as did College Republican President Keith DellaGrotta in a letter to the editor.

DellaGrotta has formed a new group, Students for ROTC, to advocate for the change. Given the widespread anti-war sentiment on campus, a reinvigorated ROTC certainly would bring real diversity to Brown. More importantly, we can’t fathom why the opportunity to be involved in ROTC is denied to students. We urge you to visit and sign the petition to bring ROTC back to campus.

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