FID in BDH Story on Simmons

by Stephen Beale on April 12, 2010

FID President Stephen Beale was quoted in a Brown Daily Herald story today about President Ruth Simmons. Below are excerpts:

Stephen Beale ’04, co-founder of the Foundation for Intellectual Diversity — a non-profit that funds the Brown Spectator and brings speakers to campus — said Simmons’ resignation from the Goldman Sachs board “shows that she puts her ideological principles above pragmatism.” Her commitment to her values may be the reason why there was so little backlash, he said.

Though he is concerned about the University’s promotion of “left-wing” issues, Beale spoke positively about Simmons herself. “I think President Simmons is charismatic and inspirational,” he said, adding that she is “very diplomatic about how she presents her views” and “extends olive branches to other groups.”

Click here to read the whole story.

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